Confusion or its just me brooding.

Gone are the days of classics, when we were in the world of story telling where you would get goosebumps reading different kinds of texts like those by Mario Puzzo. These days we try different genres but what I feel is that no one can ever surpass the likes of  ‘Gone with the wind’, ‘To kill a mocking bird‘ and many more.Gone-with-the-Wind

I’ve tried reading many fictions like A song of ice and fire,Century trilogy, Shiva trilogy but what now I firmly believe that, these authors do a great job in creating fictitious world based on their imagination but is it really that adorable that you can recommend them to newbie who can easily say that plot is taking time and easily discard it just because today authors try to put devil in the detail!

Can this ever happen to the classics? They also detailed it but yet everyone loves them. The melancholy is such that you Google the likes of these.  Today, what we enjoy is just because of the fact that they are actually brilliant and has been recognized internationally, not every gem piece gets what it deserved. I mean Stephen King has tried to keep the bar to a level of the old days but someone has to take up the mantle.

We have seen revolutionary writers and here i’m not talking about Adolf Hitler’s Mein kempf but Che trilogy and some based on lives of improbable persons like Abraham Lincoln on whom book Team of rivals which is new but as we all know it is based on a story from 19th century and which still enforces chauvinism on fellow Americans till date. At present,  you try to bring a revolution by any means, you’ll find yourself behind bars, speaking of which we have freedom to express ourselves.che2

Audacious books which influence the community of suppressed like The Help can pull fortunes, which are beyond expectations. That book brought a silver lining to racially abused native black Americans.  You get such books but how often do you see a writer that bold to go against his people to defend the rights of suppressed! I mean no one is a Buddha or a Nelson Mandela to have heart to forgive and be part of future when others are still in

Thought processes have changed, point of views have changed and not so often it happens a new writer gets their first book as a best seller as oligarchs do not trust them and do not publish them. Unlike back in 40s when J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit  was a child bestseller later following it he, then came up with a world of middle east’s dark times and its peeves. The lord of the rings  was like aubade you would love to hear when someone reads it out to you. The immensity of detail was such that when you read it, you imagined a whole movie with a freak visibility of atom if explained.tolkien1

I love to read these awesome books but the main question is, do we still have it? These phenomenal authors can be succeeded by prolific efforts of present?  Can over society allow the uprising of such suppressed free minds and just for a second think what a change can be brought if every free mind goes on shares? Or, if there are some we’ve ignored them?


14 thoughts on “Confusion or its just me brooding.

  1. That is some stuff hard to digest. I don’t think its right to compare the past with the present, the idea is to tally absurd to me or maybe its just something way above my intellect.
    Any way nice effort bro keep up !!!
    you are definitely doing something right for a newbie.


  2. Nice job. A healthy and provoking insight into what we are reading today and what we have missed yesterday. Enjoyed reading it. Please do a post on Indian scene on Storytelling.


  3. Beautiful presentation of storming thoughts.Time changes,trend changes and accordingly changes the mind set of readers.Appreciable work.


  4. Author who’s able to connect with its reader is simply the author of that generation I guess .. But there are few known as LEGENDS which are never bounded with time….


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