The dreadful desire

He drove further after finishing dinner at Morgana to accomplish the quest to the find lost trail to ‘Graquel’.  On the gravely darkened road, he drove endlessly following the testament, which would lead him to the ruins of Nidas dirath. With no sign of human civilization, this vestige he had entered was his new excavation site. A million dollar profit they called it. The end of the road was reached and he was in front of the tower of Nidas.haunted house

Markus stepped out of the car firmly moved towards the door of the tower. As he tried to push the moonlit door to open it bird flew up out of the turret. The screeching sound of the door echoed throughout the forest.  He moved further inside and stood perplexed and still as he heard a thud. With complete darkness around him, torch seemed ineffective.

Through the stairs he went up to the room with a marking of antler crown in the testament. The door was locked from inside. He smote upon the door. But nothing. A sound in air stirred and shaken his body when a nocturnal bird hit him. He tried to break the door down with force, but felt an air blow  and was pinned to the ground. And he felt in his heart the strangeness for he thought he heard a whisper, but he could not understand what it meant.witchcraft-09

He rushed toward the forest, picked up a heavy log of wood. With full force, he struck the door. The sound of it just  fell echoing through the still house. He could feel phantom force against the door. A host, a dark lord that dwelt in the lone house then stood viewing in the quiet of the moonlight. He ran towards the back of the house and through the casement, he saw a mighty power burning man. A hallucination he considered it and pushed the casement when hag turned to him and said “Jinaizg asih jinaizg durbatilûk, asih jinazg gimbaital, asih jinazg thrakatilûk, agh burzum-ishix kriampatuil” it caught hold of his neck and held him high in the air, and then threw him in the forest.

He ran towards the car to and throttled the engine to run away, but the desire for money couldn’t go. He jumped out of the car collected some fannings, wrapped it around a stick and set it on fire. Carefully walking with it towards the door, as he approached it, he burnt the door and entered the room admiring his hardihood which was nothing shorter than lunacy.

The ancient paper of Dark Lord. The Graquel

   Never the least stir made the phantom viewer and let him pluck out the ancient paper of the dark lord’s Graquel whose content could revive the realm of the evil.

   Running with the paper he could see the owls, bats and other creatures going lunatic. He could hear the wolves howling, ravens croaking and rats eeking.  A rope tied around his legs forced him to crawl to run for his life. The Dark Lord on his beast was chasing him for if the Graquel was lost, there would be no chance for his realm to reconquer the earth. A hand from hell to  catch hold of his leg. The dead walkers came to life, pulling him back as he tried to sprint further, the land beyond broke and turned into a pit of fire. He tried to run away, but a fired up hawser tied around his leg and pulled him to hell.


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