Oh! You idiot box you made me envious!!


   Whenever I’m alone, I just close my eyes and try to find out what am I good at? Many things strike, but are later discarded after I compare them with my coterie.  We all have confined our world to an idiot box and the perspectives too. This idiot box, this culprit is none other than my laptop. It has made me indolent still I haven’t mastered it and cannot proudly say I’m invincible in this field and now I loathe myself for this.

I’ve been addicted to this blockhead since I was in 9th grade yet it makes me envious of all those people who have achieved greater feats than me no matter how small they are, but then it is better than me and I say to myself “I should covet one of those skills”. I’m not just seeing its dark side but also the better part of it which involves coding and other skills. Now these skills can be your ticket to affluence.

I’m a college student and what all I do majorly depends on the laptop or let me put it this way, I’ve made it look like that I desperately need it but the truth might be different. I live with three other friends and all of them have truly different tastes and so called excellence in their fields of interest. I can owe many new interests or addictions to them.

My first roommate, he is a movie buff. I mean he has watched almost every movie and when I say every, I include foreign languages too! He has watched every TV show ever shot, at least its pilot. Once I tried to copy him and started watching movies, but after a certain point you feel what a mess, everything seems to have the same story and it’s like you just wasted like 2 hours every time you watch a movie below par ratings. He is the most sluggish friend I’ve ever made, but a very sensible one keeping in mind his knowledge of the reel world. He is very helpful and one of the most understanding people I’ve ever met. But there are some aspects unturned almost after three years, I haven’t seen him on the field once!  I ought to admit deep down I envy his knowledge because I couldn’t have it, even after I tried it. He is what you call a mobile IMDB.

Other roommates are not lethargic at all. The second one is insane about music. I mean, to my knowledge he has heard every band. Now, when I say my knowledge I don’t how to explain whether it is too much or not, but one thing I know after these years, it is way more than it was. His knowledge of bands is way too much. You just say the name and he is ready with the details of it. I wouldn’t be able to name the number of songs equivalent to the number of bands with details he can. All kinds of rock bands including those from 1960s. It is hard to say how he stores all this and the thought of  makes me sick and jealous. Sick because what is the need to remember and jealous of the fact, how? I blame this to that idiot box!

Last roommate includes a technically sound guy. Now, finally  some useful jealousy. This guy, he is the ERT of the room! Emergency response team. He is the guy you meet when you mess up your OS or when you want details of a software. He has the knowledge of every car you pick in a game like GTA, NFS or any for that matter. In addition to that he is one the best drivers I’ve ever seen. He could do things with wheels and I can barely drive them to the end of the block. Come on you all will be covetous after reading this.

My other friends are also better than me. Like this guy who goes by the  alias ‘Heisenberg’ because of his name  in the game COD MW 3. He is damn good and once I tried to match his level and I was so humiliated by him for my poor gaming skills! Now the fear of defeat is to such an extent that I am not playing with this guy just to prevent myself from being defeated. He is great like Buddha. He is ever smiling and I can’t remember a name hating him.  After being defeated from such a guy that too in a game you are obviously devastated and at the same time you envy the skills of mouse handling! Seriously, that!

The next one to follow is the guy who has been my friend since junior high school and he is one of the most concentrated and focused friend I met. I mailed him 8 eBooks and within a week he read all of them! God, how can you even read an eBook?  At the same time he is very compromising and trustworthy, attributing to his qualities.

But, thanks to god that I’ve friends who are good at actual sports like these guys with alias ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Captain’. These guys, they are Jordan of the college basketball team! Captain even majors robotics! Oh god I feel like I’m dumb. One thing is for sure no one can match the level of sincerity of Jupiter. These guys are the perfect material to be envied.

Out of the blue, I’ve this one friend who is India’s best college, IIT Delhi. He is one of the best coders of India. The number of programming knowledge he knows is more than the count of languages I can speak. His intellect and sincerity is the only reason I don’t envy and consider him ideal to be followed. This guy is one who has always helped me and supports me morally. I can’t even think of words to explain his immense wisdom. A precious friend I ‘m blessed with.

You all might be thinking what a person I’m but that’s who I’m who is jealous of his friends, I don’t blame your perspective, I blame it on me, but to envy is to have a desire to get better to a level you consider ideal. Whenever, you feel jealous because of someone’s eminence  just accept it and tell it to the person of whom you are covetous. This rules out the chance of hatred and also you get their help. A friend circle which includes people  better than you is a thing to be more proud rather than being a protagonist of a bunch of half-witted.

Just this last thought drives me insane that most of the things I envy prevail because of the idiot box, ‘laptop’. If there had been no such thing like it in the world, I would have been at almost the same level to those my friends are and then possibly I could just focus on my qualities and get better in them rather than trying to gather some more. Oh! You blockhead moron you made me full of envy shit!


16 thoughts on “Oh! You idiot box you made me envious!!

  1. Ho..ho..Ho..Dont be so harsh on urself..Who is the classic batsman in our room and also a senior reporter in our college and the brilliant writer of this blog.Being a movie buff or a metalhead wont count mch in the future but being ale to write down ur feelings( envies 😉 ) is surely a step ahead down the line. And remember no one s better than urself other than u. And after all job to sirf ek ki hi dhaasu lagegi 😀 😀

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  2. it all started with ‘The Blind Side’..then ‘October Sky’…and then the fun we had together….be it Call of duty,the Bournville,..,whatever…I owe U Dark knight….and remember…i am the one who knocks..& will always be knocking!!!!


  3. one thing u did’t tell in this blog that u r my ………………….? u r only my first friend who understand my felling and try to support me. one thing u alway remember “The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.”


  4. Loved your detailing about every person you chose, and about the knowledge of movies, its not something to be pry upon. Do not forget, for what you have achieved and will achieve none of us might be able to, as you aspire do better, as you want to move and work toward a better. Your path will definitely lead to success


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