Until now it was easy to window shop…!!


Ever been to a shop with an objective of not actually purchasing something but pretending to? Well, if you haven’t, then to some extent I can explain you the ludicrousness of it.  Basically you just go there and mess with the vendors and after an hour or so, they are oblivious and are just stalled.

The thing is I’m not a pro when it comes to shopping, keeping this in mind, I also have something in defense for me. What  I feel is that it’s a matter of interest. Shopping for something you like is easy, plus it kind of bores to just walk around the stuff which actually has no value to you. When you go to window shop anything, seriously telling, somewhere deep down you would have been loving it or else why would you go there and torture yourself being mendacious to your companion or if not with one, then no point really left except that it’s moronic.

So, this weekend I went out just like old times with one of my oldest pals and the best of all. He actually is the only person whom I can call in need except he won’t come to help but laugh his ass out. I don’t know why, but he has his way and deals with things in remiss. We were just taking a walk around the mall when the mania began.

A  beguiling sight in the Tommy Hilfiger showroom! A stunning chick as a purveyor. And I just blurted out WOW! The friend with me wasted no time in changing the direction and straight forward entered the shop. She was a dime in our language. Now, she is approaching us and we are like ok just playing cool. We agreed to pretend that we are here to buy a couple of shirts for me.

She shows us great T shirts, really likeable ones with a great smile and yes we were enjoying it. After like 10 minutes I finally had to pick a shirt because now she was just near to get an idea that we were bullshitting and not actually purchasing. I went to the trial room and she follows, after I return, she gestures with smile to appreciate it (or maybe she was paid to do that..!! Who cares?!?!?!!!). I had to finish my part of acting, the part where you go to the person who came with you to double check, but he was way too busy to even remember I came with him. She starts walking towards him to call him, next what was about to happen could have been what and what not, so I yelled his name and yanked him virtually. Yes!! She stopped..!!

The time had come when we will have to reject the shirt and my friend was no way around me to help so I had to figure it out myself. With 100 bucks in my pocket and shirt worth 40 times in hand, there was no way I was going to buy it (I considered it buying with credit for a while but that was short lived).  I asked for a discount and she said no “its fresh”, (as if I already didn’t know) and I was like ohh damn it!! It was a nice shirt. She came to know we had been toying with her. With a smile on our faces we left and all she did was frowned. What I now found out the hard way was that it was tough to say no to men, but to alluring chicks like this it was like hitting the Achilles’ heels, your only left weakness because you cannot make yourself look dork, but you have to since you started it.

I thank my friend for his lunacy. He is a friend I’m lucky to have and precious to lose. I got to meet him after a year or more, but it never seemed like it was any different from the days back from junior high, thanks to him. Some  would consider it a cheap act or anything, I don’t care for me it was another small packet of happiness and we have our own ways of enjoying the enthralling moments.


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