What if there wasn’t a small packet..??

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I vaguely remember this incident. I was in 10th grade and was on my way to coaching on cycle. Nothing was on my mind, except anxiety to play splinter cell. Then, out of nowhere this dull-witted, blind vapid brained girl rammed my cycle with her Scooty. Seconds later I was on the ground with a couple of bruises and probably a concussion. Just, when I stood back again, I witnessed the most enjoyable view ever. The girl was with her mother (or I would say my best guess) and they too had fallen. The mother stood up and slapped the girl so hard that the street echoed with the sound of it and filled my ears with melody, and I was like, Yeah Bitch!! In your face!!  Seriously, that fraction of second eased me of all the pains.

The packet of happiness we get is not at all significant, but sufficient to enjoy life and keep you match with the daily ups and downs. The feeling of content you get after drinking a glass of water when haven’t had one in days. Some really nice things Einstein said about something related to photon, packet of energy and yada yada. Who cares? But, the point is it really exists. You can’t get everything you want and hence never be happy all the time. Happiness comes in installments. Just, sometimes in big and sometimes small and delayed.

So, this one time I was with my friends after classes we were about to head home, but the problem was that friend who was about to drop me and the other guy with us had a pink color Scooty. So, we waited for everyone to leave and get anywhere in the proximity of it. Everyone was leaving and we were standing way far from that crap, a really hot classmate came out and while starting her vehicle she sighs and says “who own this rusted piece of pink crap?” and we said “some douche, I mean who buys pink?” probably! After everyone left, we started kicking it to kick-start it, obviously self-start was not functional since the day Adam ate that apple! This was a tedious job which takes time. While we were doing it, to our horror that girl came back for god knows what shit reason and saw us kicking it alternately! The only thing she said “Oh! It belongs to you guys!” What a shame! I was like dude, stab me! Since that day whenever I think about it, I can never stop laughing no matter how sad I’m. This experience is like reusable overdosing!

I always think that I can never get enough, even after getting what I wanted. There is always something which gets added in the end and just can’t get enough. This dilemma after the success, to want more from can be tormenting, which results in not so buoyant mood. But then they say that every cloud has a silver lining. It’s not exactly what you’ve worked for but it’s like the complementary gift from nature to you in periodic intervals which we do not notice.


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