Creepy mate!!!


So, what I live in a hostel. No big deal. Many do and have lived there and done all kinds of stuff. Everyone has mates with whom they live in their small part of life in the hostel, but I had the creepiest mate ever. Seriously!!! It was not a human..!! Literally not a human. A person shares his/her night with the people with whom they have an amicable relationship.  I’m not saying that I don’t have normal ones, but I have an extra or rather had an extra part-time roommate..!!

Last fall, I met this ‘specie’ for the first time. Another thing,it  I cannot call him/her because I couldn’t recognize the gender. It was actually a rat. Now, don’t judge me! How could have I known!?! About the rat in the room, in my defense, I’ll say that my hostel was the old one, so, it had some holes like the ones in ‘Tom and Jerry’ not in the kind of perfect shape and size shown..!!


You see I’m not an ardent fan of cleaning, so there was a pile of wrappers  and some more of it. Hell!! A lot of them!  It was the acme of room Dumpster! Every night this rat made a real friendly visit to my room after lights went off. At first, I thought it was a hostile one, where he would bite some things off and make living conditions highly detrimental in the room. Whenever, rat entered the room it stumbled with objects and created a hell lot of noise and to top it off, it gobbled a hell lot, enough to wake me up faintly!

I’m not that lazy, but middle of night with lights off you don’t really want to get up from the bed, so to get the rat to shut up and leave me, I would turn over and swing my hand beneath the bed crashing with stuff and producing ample amount sound to scare away the rat. Initially, it was sufficient, but as we all know ‘evolution’ is one adamant villain. After a week, the rat was accustomed to it and my waving hand was not adequate! So, I used an empty Deo bottle. The best part was that, in complete darkness I aimed it in the proximity of the rat, just by hearing the sound and I was pretty good at it. Personified hearing sense!! Mother Nature teaches you in mysterious ways, I guess! Following the legacy of my hand were: Deo bottle, pen, Amazon delivery box and finally my cricket bat.

These visits were so well timed that every time I checked the time on the cell it was always from 2 a.m. to 3a.m. Weeks later clock wasn’t necessary. It was like If I woke to the call of nature before rats visiting hour, it wasn’t probably 2 and beyond that, you get it!

One night rat crossed the limit. I used the grip of my bat to shove away the rat. But, to my horror, rat jumped and caught hold of my hand, climbing up to my sleeves!! I jerked my hand and threw it away. The next morning I decided to seal the holes. So I did.

That night there was no sound. No rattling whatsoever. I woke up at 2 am, maybe because it was now habitual. I got to admit I missed it. But, now there was no more gobbling. From that day, till today the rat did not return. It was one hell of a punctual freak rat! I kind of waited for him. But, to tell you the truth, it was filthy, so I kept the holes sealed. I made a sane decision right?


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