The dogmas of society

The veil which society provides to give us decides our visage, but there is a paradox in this, everyone is different with almost nothing in common . Now, we cannot rule out the unstated here. We are social! Aren’t we?  If not that, at least we are so called ‘social animals’. Many kind of mistakes we make and much we repent, many we just avoid and omit. But, the mistake we constantly make and realize but never do anything, are the ones that decide who we really are. Anyone can make a mistake and if possible redress it and ameliorate their life, exception comes when we make a mistake knowingly and don’t rectify it because of the society. Well, that is the kind of thing and mistake which is verbose but enough highlight that we are merely ignoramus!


The vox populi considers it blasphemous even if the virtuous are trying to stay vindicated and victorious, but then there are many to pull you back down.  It is a regime of namby pamby “democrats”! That’s what it is but what we forget is to be beyond others, we need to defy them until you have done that you can sulk and be the part of it. After all vox populi vox dei! Now, isn’t that offending since populi includes everyone and by everyone I would like to highlight the likes of  ‘Jack the Ripper’.

Hitting rock bottom and being frowned upon by society is far better than being on the peak and getting despised by all but seeing none do so. The surface is all very pleasant, but beneath lies the cruelity, brutality and barbarity of jealous accounting for their zeal! For once did you ever think how easy it would be if all we have to do has nothing to do with to please others. We eat in a restaurant with all the etiquettes possible and try to be part of charade but do we really want this?

A life where what I want to be would be decided by me and not by the stereotyping. All this comes with the famous word ‘if’. Only if it were true, people can be self involved with even noticing they can just come penetrating into your life and change it. Fantasy will remain a fantasy because we lack the audacity and that is the as veracious as it gets. Man is the cruelest creature out of the zillion species on the planet.


6 thoughts on “The dogmas of society

  1. nicely depicted the dogmas of society …u kept the central idea intact and encouraged and touched the readers by nice illustrations..


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