Is this irking you?

From the very beginning of our lives, we all have been taught to live. Preposterous! Right? But you see, the basic elements you need for living are not your organs or the air you breathe, but the way you present yourself in the fraternity, society whatever! The day you are born is the day people start expecting things from you. First in the list is walking or speaking! Sometimes even eating! Now, you grow and start your schooling and from that very day there is no turning back, whatsoever!

You are expected to keep your grades good and be in the “upper block” of the class and bullshit! Now you are 16 and little did you know it is your Board exams of Junior high school and everyone in this world tells you to perform well, just this very time. You have probably tried to give your best shot. After this, your high school is over and you have passed. But the nightmare unfolds and it is 11th class with a shit load of calculus, organic chemistry, kinematics and what not!

Just a heads up  while you are trying to mingle, this is what is happening around. Trusting someone is not only a long shot, but a foolishness! People are dying daily! Regicides, genocides, feticides, female feticide, fratricides, suicides and to top all these terrorist groups are hijacking cities and claiming that they are clairvoyant and will pave a path to “heavens”. Corrupt people all around you. All kinds of crime taking place and the rate is so high that only “major crimes” make it to the TV! We take birth on this earth! Democracy is merely a tool. A tool to have you keep your traps shut! You chose the people governing you! But are they really the ones having majority supporting them? And are they even going to do anything that will not be concerned with their own motives?

After junior high the teacher says it is 11th class! “This is a ‘do or die’ situation for you, students; you either perform well or just lead a crappy life. The most important two years of your life!” So, we pull up our socks and get ready to confront our demons and stare the devil in the eye! Senior high school cleared! Oh Wait!! You’ve to apply for colleges! You go to college! You spend years with nostalgic mindset and clear semester exams. You reach dead ends, but this doesn’t stop you, you survive plights and when finally you are ready to pass out, you have to find a job and you do. You probably join the job or go for post graduation and then job. After 3-4 years of turd surfing in an office you get married and have kids. One night you realize since nursery you have never been tension free and never cultivated time in your life for your life and dreams!

Cost in Croatia

I have had enough of this shoddy life and it bores me! I just want to be away from this all. Lead a life with no tension. Nothing to worry about and a life where I don’t leave my house at midnight with trepidation!

It is my fantasy to be cast away. Sometimes I just want to pack all the things in the world that are included in my hobbies with some food and live with a pet dog on an island. A place where no one could ever disturb me. I would just love to be on an island waking up in the lap of Mother Nature and watch the sun remove the veil of darkness in peace. Read, sleep and play with my dog all day. Free from all the tensions, no worries of career and salary.PB210284 (1)

Living the life endlessly just knowing nothing scary can happen that could anywhere be close to human barbarism.  But, the sad thing is, even I know this is just a fantasy and I’ll have to dwell amidst of all this!


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